For nearly 25 years, Doire Builders has specialized in turning our customer’s dreams into reality. Whether you are adding dormers in an attic space, turning an unfinished basement into family recreational center or expanding your living space into an outdoor entertainment area, we can truly do it all. As a licenced, insured and bonded contractor, we service the entire Chicagoland area from:  North  Shore, Gold Coast, Hyde Park, and Midway to the northwest suburbs, O'Hare and everywhere in between.

Whether you live in a cottage or high-rise, Doire Builders will help you rebuild, remodel or add to your home.  We will work with you to make it more functional, more comfortable, more marketable and ultimately, more beautiful. And if you don't know what or how you want things to look, just ask.  If our opinion isn't enough, we can put you in touch with other experts who can help you.

We provide quality work to all our clients and, more importantly, timely results within your budget. Our estimates are all-inclusive, which not only gives you a solid and clear picture of the work in question, but should also eliminate the need for any "extras" down the line. As you may already know, it's those little "extras" along the way that can cost you plenty "extra" in the end.


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